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Gold Standard Baking Still in Business - Kedzie Plant to Remain Open

February, 09, 2011  ·  For Immediate Release

CHICAGO (February 9, 2011)—Arbor Investments would like to respond to misinformation concerning Gold Standard Baking Inc. that was recently reported in the news.

It was recently incorrectly reported that Gold Standard Baking, which is owned by Arbor Investments, is shutting down permanently. Although Gold Standard Baking is closing its plant located at 250 N. Washtenaw, and this closing is expected to be permanent, Gold Standard Baking is not going out of business. Gold Standard Baking Inc. will continue conducting business at its other location at 3700 S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60632.

To further clarify any recent reports about Gold Standard Bakery, while it is true that the Washtenaw plant closing will affect the employees at that plant, Gold Standard will continue to employ over 150 people at its other Chicago plant, located at 3700 S. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60632. Furthermore, Gold Standard has offered employment opportunities at its Kedzie plant to 48 of the affected Washtenaw plant employees through its third-party staffing company. Additional employment opportunities may be available to affected employees through the staffing company.

Arbor Investments would like to correct any inaccuracies and clarify any omissions reported in the news so that our employees and customers are properly and fully informed.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan R. McKenzie, Partner, Arbor Investments, 312.981.3774.

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